• Group Disability Insurance pays an insured employee a policy benefit when that person is unable to work because of an accident or illness. Benefit periods may range from one, two, or five years to a lifetime.
  • The amount of the benefit can be a flat $100, $200, or more, but is not to exceed 60% of an employee’s earnings. A waiting period before an employee can collect can range from first day accident/sickness to 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • There may be limits to how much you can purchase based on your pre-disability earnings and rates will vary based on occupational duties and job descriptions.
  • No laws require employers to offer short term or long-term disability coverage, but about half of large to mid-size corporations offer it to their workers. Typically, Group Disability replaces about 50% of the worker’s salary.
  • Do not confuse Group Disability Insurance with Worker’s Compensation Insurance, which covers an employee who is unable to work due to an injury or illness that is job related. Group Disability Insurance is for accidents/injuries/illnesses that happen after work. For more information on Worker’s Compensation Benefits go to our website or visit www.lwcc.com.


  • To attract and retain quality personnel, a complete Group Employee Benefit Program is a requirement many folks seek.
  • Depending on the number of employees and the average age of the group, certain uninsurable employees can become eligible on large group plans at a very affordable rate. This includes uninsurable dependents as well. In some cases, Group Insurance is the only way some employees could qualify for health insurance and would not be eligible for a personal policy through the same carrier.
  • It provides efficiency and productivity as this package assures employees of security for themselves and their families.
  • Premiums are tax-deductible as a corporate expense, which means savings with quality coverage.
  • Group Disability Benefits relieve the employer from coming out-of-pocket for an extended length of time, especially in the case of an employee injured in an accident or recovering from surgery or a long-term illness.


  • We shop and compare rates with multiple companies, including Hartford, MetLife, Assurant, Provident, Guardian, The Principal, Sun Life, Aetna, and Assurity, and can normally save you up to approximately 30%. Plus, when you buy through us, you will get more than just a group insurance plan: you get a group insurance partner.
  • Our Group Specialist will work with you and discuss a variety of plans and premiums that best fit your budget. You can request quotes for combination packages of health, dental, life, and disability, and for the most part, we shop these products separately and by packages, if available. Some companies that write health do not necessarily write disability.
  • We will continue to shop for competitive quotes when it is time to renew. Our group specialist can offer to review the availability of group rates for a single person group or as many employees as you need to cover.
  • Most of our carriers provide online applications and enrollment tools to simplify the administration services required to maintain these employee benefits.
  • We provide these services at no extra cost.