Homeowners Insurance

Think you are paying too much for your home insurance?

Need coverage for a new home purchase or a mortgage closing?

Tired of spending hours calling dozens of agencies for a better price?

With the constant threat of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and flooding in our area, tragedy can strike within hours or even minutes. If you need help with the high cost of insuring your home (and who doesn’t?), then look no further. With new markets and lower rates, Dan Burghardt Insurance is saving people hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their homeowner’s insurance. It doesn’t matter whether you already have homeowner’s insurance or you are buying a new home, Dan Burghardt Insurance has high quality companies insuring homes in your area at super low rates. Plus we give huge discounts for:

  • New Homes
  • Modular
  • Hip Roofs
  • Security and/or Fire Alarms
  • Previous Insurance
  • Full Renovations
  • And Package Discounts for Buying Your Home, Auto, and Flood Insurance from One Agent!

We are saving people hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

With newly acquired markets and lower rates, we are helping people save hundreds, even thousands, on their current homeowners insurance and on their newly purchased homes.

  • We have high quality companies that are willing to write policies in our area at very reasonable rates.
  • Discounts offered for new homes, modular homes, security and fire alarms, transfer discount and full renovation discounts.
  • Packages combining auto, home and flood.

Look At What Smart Shoppers Have Already Saved In Your Area:


Does Dan Burghardt Insurance cover all types of homes?

  • Yes, coverage is available for single homes, doubles, tri-plex, four-plex, townhouses, condominiums, row houses, mobile and modular homes.
  • We also have available markets for rental property, apartments and apartment complexes, vacant property and land, builders risk and renovation. Additional information can be found on these and many more products on our website.

Are these companies trustworthy to play a clients claim?

As a consumer, purchasing your insurance products from a financially sound carrier is a critical component to your financial security and future. All of these companies represented by Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency are rated A or better by the leading insurance rating agencies. For more information, contact one of our Sales Representatives at 504-455-7283 and ask for a brochure with your free quote.


Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make and homeowner’s protection is the one coverage you cannot be without.

  • Could you afford to rebuild your home?
  • Would you be able to replace all your possessions if they were lost?
  • Where would your family stay during the rebuilding process?
  • How would you pay for your extra living expenses?

Our homeowner’s coverage provides enhancements like Contents Replacement Cost Coverage which pays the full, un-depreciated cost of replacing or repairing lost or damaged property. Additional Living Expenses will pay for necessities such as hotel accommodations, meals and laundry if your home is damaged and you must move out while repairs are being made. Replacement Cost Guarantee: At no additional charge, most of our homeowner’s policies include coverage for the full cost of repairs with no deduction for age or depreciation of your home. Liability Protection pays for damages and legal expenses for which you or a member of your household are liable if you injure someone or damage his property. Liability as well as Medical Expenses are paid to someone injured on your property or elsewhere.



  • Whether you are a new homebuyer or if you’ve owned your home for several years, we will assist you in determining your replacement cost, which may be quite different from the price you paid for your home. We will use some of the following information to determine current value:

  1. Replacement costs estimators supplied by carrier we are quoting.
  2. Current or most recent appraisal.
  3. Square footage vs. purchase price vs. mortgage lender’s requirement. These numbers may differ.
  4. Current policy limits on existing policy.
  5. Number of rooms, number of stories.
  6. Type of construction and customization.

  • Our homeowner’s specialist will assist you in getting your policy and binders ready for the act of sale. It is imperative that you have the proper requirements set forth by your mortgage company and closing attorney for both your home and your flood insurance or your closing can be postponed.


  • NO… Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover floods. Flood Insurance is written as a separate coverage.
  • No matter where or in which zone you live, high risk or low risk areas, we are all aware now that everyone is exposed to flooding, storm surges, torrential rains, pump station problems or breakdowns, levee breaches and backed up sewerage systems that cause massive amounts of spontaneous flooding on a regular and seasonal basis. When it comes to buying flood insurance, FEAR is your best motivation.
  • Having your homeowner’s and flood with one agent is important. Why? Because it makes it easier for you and your agent to maintain coverage requirements that match the replacement value of your home each year. Having two different agents maintain these policies puts the homeowner at risk and if a claim takes place after a hurricane, it’s easier to reach one agent who can handle one claim for you, than trying to locate several agents who may be displaced like you are. We provide claim assistance through our website at danburghardt.com or we can be reached 24/7/365 at (504) 441-RATE(7283).



  1. Contents are covered on and off premises so if you are out of town on vacation or on a business trip, your personal belongings, if lost, stolen or destroyed, such as cameras, video recorders, luggage or laptop are included under extended coverage up to 10% of total content.
  2. Content Extended Coverage also includes a family member who may be residing off premises with a home computer and other personal belongings at the college dormitory.
  3. Premises Guest Liability will protect you from lawsuits for slips or falls that are caused by your negligence. This liability also extents coverage off premises to include all household members if they cause an accidental injury to anyone. Example: Your son is on the softball team. While at the playground, he throws the bat, accidentally hitting another player - your $100,000 or $300,000 liability limit will protect you.
  4. $1,000 or more (see availability) of medical coverage is provided for any guest that is accidentally injured on the premises. A cut, burn, or fall anywhere on the premises is covered for a guest or visitor. More accidents occur at home then anywhere else. Accidents will happen.
  5. Other Structures includes any adjacent structure or detached structure, including storage buildings, garages or workshops, that has a slab and a skeletal frame.
  6. Additional Living Expenses is covered if your home or apartment is made uninhabitable by any covered peril. Also pays for increase in your living expenses while you are displaced due to mandatory evacuation.
  7. Other special limits of liability include: $1,500 for loss due to theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious stones and another $1,500 towards loss of securities, deeds, accounts, evidence of debt, letters of credit, and other important papers and the cost to replace them.
  8. Policy also includes automatic coverage on firearms, watercraft, trailers, fishing equipment, outboard engines, monies, bank notes, bullion and coins.

  • Keep good records of all your personal belongings with either photos or video tapes, owner’s manuals, sales and credit card receipts and cancelled checks; good records will accelerate your claim handling. In anticipation of a total loss you should keep additional records off site.


Home Impact Plus Package

  • A personally owned mortgage protection policy can solve this and other exposures that a mortgage holder faces over a 30-year period. This Home Impact Plus Package Policy will pay your house note if you become disabled due to an accident or illness or if your employer lays you off. Statistics show 12 in 100 die before paying off their home while 48% of all foreclosures are the result of disability.
  • Home Impact Plus Plan offers much more than a bank’s single interest policy covering only the loan balance due to death. Please review the following highlights of the Home Impact Policy benefits available to fit your specific needs:
  • Death Benefits to cover mortgage balance.
  • Refund of Premium at end of policy period.
  • Unemployment Protection.
  • Disability Protection.
  • Critical Illness Rider (advances 75% of death benefits).
  • Mortgage Co-Holder Protection.
  • Accidental Death.
  • Spouse Rider.
  • Child Rider.

For more information regarding this product go to Mortgage Protection on our website or call our Life & Health Department at 504-441-SAVE(7283).

Products Associated with Homeowner’s Insurance:

  1. Discounts available on package auto/home/flood.
  2. Mortgage Life - low cost coverage that makes it very affordable to pay off your mortgage in the event of death, disability, unemployment or critical illness.
  3. Personal Umbrella for up to $5,000,000.
  4. Personal Disaster Policy.
  5. Boat, RV, and Motorcycle Discounts.
  6. In-Home Business Protection.

    Proof of Required Documents:   
    Alarm System Certificate if you received discount.
  1. Proof of gated community with security (picture).
  2. Pictures of front and back of building.
  3. Proof of prior coverage, if applicable.
  4. Current Appraisal.
  5. Lien Holder Requirements and Mortgage Clause.
  6. Exact closing date for binder to start.