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You don't have to! Just make one call to Dan Burghardt Insurance at (504) 441-7283, get a quote online, or stop by any of our convenient locations. We will do all the work for you! By instantly shopping many companies to find you the best combination of price and protection, Dan Burghardt Insurance takes the hassle out of shopping for auto insurance

Dan Burghardt Insurance even provides multiple ways to shop online for auto insurance. Your insurance, your way.

We select from top rated companies like Progressive, Kemper, National General and other "A" rated, Louisiana approved insurers.

Obtaining auto insurance can be a complicated and confusing process, so why go it alone? Our knowledgeable agents will respond to your email and phone inquiries immediately, with over 30 years of experience comparing coverage and prices working in your favor. Helping YOU navigate the confusing maze of prices and protection is our ONLY job.


Ask Yourself These Questions

Who does my agent work for?
A captive agent or direct writer works for the company they sell. As an Independent Insurance Agency, Dan Burghardt Insurance works for you!

Why would I use an independent agent?
Because captive agents and direct writers like State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and Safe Auto have very limited price, payment, and coverage choices to offer. They sell only one company, at one price, with one or two payment plans.

Do I want to buy from a big national company where I'll be just a number?
It's fine, of course, if your comfortable with that. But if you are more comfortable buying local, Dan Burghardt Insurance is your local agent, and has been for over 25 years. Plus, we represent many Louisiana companies like National Automotive, Imperial Fire & Casualty, Lane & Associates, Safeway Insurance, and First Premiium Insurance Group. What’s more, if you prefer to buy local but still feel more secure with a national brand, we represent many of the national insurance companies while providing local service, bringing you the best of both worlds!

Why would I waste time giving the same information over and over again to agents who have only one price from one company?
Comparing over 15 companies, Dan Burghardt Insurance will instantly find what you need - whether it is the lowest price, the lowest down-payment, the lowest monthly payment, or the most complete coverage for your money. And best of all, when your policy needs to be renewed we'll automatically shop it for you again, and again, and again, saving you all of those hassles for as long as you need auto insurance. You could say, as an added benefit, we're providing “free time“ insurance!

Why would I call anyone other than Dan Burghardt Insurance?
Exactly! Start saving money and time now by using our Instant Online Auto Insurance Rater or by calling (504) 441-7283!


More Reasons Why Dan Burghardt Should Be Your Auto Agency?

  • When you call Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency you will talk to a REAL LIVE PERSON ready to provide immediate assistance, not a machine.
  • Discounts for young drivers, including good student, driver’s training, and part-time operator. We can also isolate teenage drivers to the vehicle they drive, rather than assign them to the highest rated vehicle, like many companies do.
  • Save up to 40% on multicar discounts. These discounts are applicable to married couples as well as people rooming together. Having your insurance with a different company than your spouse or roommate is costing you a fortune.
  • Big discounts for home owners, condominium owners and renters.
  • Discounts for prior coverage, especially if you carry higher limits.
  • If you are traveling and carry less than the maximum policy limits, your policy limits increase automatically to the minimum of the state you are in.
  • We have many ways to shop for auto insurance including by phone, in-person at one of our convenient locations, and online.
  • Alarm system, anti-lock brake, and vin etching discounts.
  • Moving in or new to the state and don't have a Louisiana Driver's License and/or Vehicle Registration? No problem! We have companies that will allow you up to 6 months to obtain your Louisiana documents, and some that never require it. You may even be able to obtain your policy over the phone BEFORE you move, to take effect WHEN you move, avoiding the hassles on moving day.
  • Drive a vehicle not registered in your name and need to insure it? We have a policy for that, available in most cases even over the phone!
  • We can save anyone money who has been canceled or non-renewed for driving activity, multiple violations, major violations, or SR-22 filings required by the Department of Public Safety.
  • Need an SR-22 filing for the Department of Public Safety and don't own a vehicle? We represent many companies that offer Non-Owner Auto policies at very low rates.
  • Low rates regardless of driving record.
  • Customized equipment automatically is included up to the first $1,000. Additional customization can be added.
  • We have an aggressive Renewal Department that checks all our carriers at every renewal, to ensure that you continue to receive the best combination of price and protection while saving you time, money, and frustration.
  • Convenient low cost title transfers save you time and money by avoiding long lines at the DMV. So why waste time visiting two different offices? We can take care of it all at Dan Burghardt Insurance, even on Saturdays when the DMV is closed!

Get a Fast Online Car Insurance Quote or call (504)441-7283 to experience the Dan Burghardt Difference!


Frequently Asked Questions About Louisiana Auto Insurance

What happens if I don’t carry insurance?
Driving without auto insurance will result in fines, a suspended license, and the towing of your vehicle if you are caught on the road without the minimum insurance coverage of 15/30/25.

Louisiana's Insurance Law, “No-Pay, No-Play” disqualifies anyone who does not carry mandatory liability from receiving claim payments for bodily injuries and property damages in an automobile accident. By not carrying liability insurance you, in turn, are not covered by anyone else’s insurance

What will I need for proof of insurance?
Your insurance company is required to issue you an auto insurance ID Card on each vehicle they insure. You must carry this in your vehicle at all times when the vehicle is driven. Other states require the same and as you travel from state to state, your minimum limits of liability go up with each state requirement at no additional cost.

What can I do if I have a No Insurance flag on my license?
A Dan Burghardt representative will assist you with contacting the DMV, or you may call 1-877-DMV-LINE (368-5463). Usually it is the result of a lapse in your insurance coverage, a canceled policy, or a vehicle you removed from your policy.

You can avoid the possibility of a flag on your license by turning in the plates, providing a bill of sale, or both, to the DMV before deleting a vehicle or canceling a policy. All canceled policies and deleted vehicles are reported by the insurance company directly to the DMV within ten days, without an explanation. By keeping the DMV up-to-date, you will avoid future flags and fines.

How do I remove a No Insurance flag?
If the vehicle was sold, traded, junked, totaled, returned to lender, repossessed, or registered out-of-state, provide proof within ten days to the DMV.

A flag due to a lapse needs proof of insurance brought to the DMV in order for them to clear cancellation. Usually there is a fine that increases based on the number of lapses that have occurred on the vehicle.

To avoid a flag on a vehicle that is not in use, but still in your possession, you may file a Non-Use Affidavit and turn in your plate with the DMV before you delete it from your insurance policy

Our Agents can answer and assist you with the proper coverage and procedures to remove flags or suspensions, as well as the reinstatement and renewal process of your licenses per DMV requirements.


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