The time has come for you to hit the open water and enjoy some boating summer fun!  Well, maybe not quite yet.  As with anything worthwhile, you should have a checklist that is all ticked off before actually getting out there on your boat.

So, here are some items to consider including on that checklist for boat maintenance.

Checklist for Boat Maintenance

Wash it

Your boat has been sitting in storage for a while, so you can do a lot for it in maintenance by washing it.  Make it family activity, or just do it yourself as a stress-reliever, even.  It is a great way to get reacquainted with your vessel and see if there is anything that is going to need a touch up, such as paint or new rust spots.  It is a simple first step that may save you any nasty surprises down the line that you could have missed with a proper washing.

Check all critical parts

When you are hitting the water, the last thing you want is something that isn’t working right, resulting in a potential safety hazard.  So, check it all over in terms of its critical parts.  Some of the top options to check are the engine, the steering, the electrical lines, the headings system, the battery, etc.  These are all important parts of your boat that you can easily check over to make sure it’s ship-shape.. or boat-shape.

Change the oil

Even if you changed your oil at the end of last season, you should consider changing it again.  As mentioned, it’s been sitting in a garage, dry storage or even at a dock for months.  The oil will have stagnated and can be changed out to make sure that your engine is going to be running as smoothly as possible for top overall performance and all that it can promise for your next trip out.

Consider a once-over inspection

If you are new to the world of boating and aren’t entirely sure what to be looking for – no shame in it – than you should consider having a professional come and take a look at it.  As mentioned, you don’t want to realize there is a problem when you’re in the open water, so it could be worthwhile to have someone perform your checklist for you.  Think of it as you would when getting your car checked before a long road trip.  This can be equally as important and is worth at least the peace of mind of knowing that everything is okay.

Are you adequately insured

Sure, you’ve had insurance on your boat since you bought it but have you added anything of value that could possibly change your overall asset, did you take away some sort of value?  Similarly, you may have arranged for a different type of coverage for when in storage versus when in use, so be sure to have a conversation with your insurance agent to discuss all of these options. Having a personal relationship with your insurance agent is gold, in itself. Contact Dan Burghardt Insurance with any questions about your boat insurance needs.

Because, after all, summer fun is supposed to be, well, fun.  But the key to making sure that fun has the freedom that it needs and less worry over the fun times.  Going over a boat maintenance checklist isn’t as bad as you may be thinking, and it’ll save you some time, stress, and money to do it before the start of the season rather than after the fact. Effective and recommended by all professionals for a reason, this is the first step to enjoying your summer fun.  Again, contact us with any questions.