hurricane flooding


As the warm months creep forward and bring us into a season of bright sunshine (albeit humid) and
great adventures to enjoy together, there's a dark side that is going to be waiting for all of us, too.
Hurricane season. Sure, it's not a fun topic to think about when you consider that your home may be
flooded, or again, but there is a way to protect against it, and that's flood insurance.

Is it essential?

It’s a question that we all consider when looking at home insurance and the premiums that were
paying. When you consider the cost of flood insurance, and you aren’t in a “flood zone” it seems as
though there isn’t a need. We all want to save money, we totally get it. However, all it takes is one
flood in your home to understand that having flood insurance is always worthwhile.
It may not be your first thought when buying a home, but you should seriously consider adding flood
insurance to your annual bills. Any time between June 1st-November 30th could bring hurricanes and
the potential to small to overwhelming flooding to your entire home.

To consider its importance for you, you can do your research on flood zones in your area and see if you
are in one or, if you aren't, how close you are to one. Additionally, look at the history of your
neighborhood before you moved there, ask neighbors to see if they can help lead you in the right
direction, but ultimately, it’s your peace of mind and your property that needs protection.

How to get it

To help protect your home, ask your insurance company about flood insurance for your home. Please
note that if you are considering the idea of flood insurance, there is a 30-day waiting period. That
means if you elect flood insurance on Monday, and it floods the same week or three weeks after, it
won’t be covered. Once that 30-day period passes, the flood insurance will then go into effect. For this
reason, the sooner that you can get that protection in place, the better it's going to be for your home as
far as being covered.

A note about flood insurance

If you are considering this for your home, get to know what exactly is covered in the flood insurance.
What is the deductible? Is there a cap on how much it can cover? Are there any small details that you
need to put in place in order to put it into effect? Does it cover your property, building or just your
home contents? What about your attic, shed or additional buildings on your property? These are great
questions and should be a discussion with your insurance agent.

Just because hurricane season is here doesn’t mean that you need to change anything about your plans
and your adventures. It just means that you need to be prepared before the season begins and again,
consider additional insurance options to make sure that your summer is, in fact, all about good times
and you can weather the storm through the bad ones.

Contact Burghardt Insurance Agency with any questions you may have about the hurricane season and
about getting flood insurance for your home and personal belongings. Should you already have
coverage for flood, maybe it’s time to review it to be sure you are adequately covered.

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