motorcycle and rider

The open road awaits, so grab your helmet and get to it! When you are looking to embrace the peak of
riding season, you should remember that just because your riding year-round doesn’t mean that your
motorcycle doesn’t need a tune-up. Just like any other vehicle, bike safety should be a priority in
making sure that everything is up to date at least once a year. To help you out with all of the “to dos”

involved in keeping your adventure fun and safe for all involved, here are some essentials to check out.
Maybe you know some of them already, and maybe not, but a brush-up never hurts when it comes to
equipment safety and a valid insurance policy. Let’s take a look.

Do a once over of everythingmotorcycle and rider

A regular, full check of your motorcycle can be one of the best options to consider for starting out.
This can include the fuel system, the oil (and filter), the fluids, checking the battery charge, the brakes
and the engine. You should also do a structural once over for the suspension, frame and sprockets. The
point is leave no stone unturned when it comes to checking out your bike. Your safety depends upon it.

Consider replacing your gear

When it comes to your helmet, some sort of eye protection, gloves and jacket, check for any kind of
small rips or tears that may mean you need to replace them. This is for safety, after all, so it needs to be
updated and replaced as soon as it starts to have a weakening in its design and, therefore, safety quality.

Make sure your tires are ready

Tires take a lot of wear and need to replaced. Tires are what help you maneuver your turns by gripping
the road. When they aren’t in good shape, you run the risk of losing your ground and going down. In
order to give yourself the best deal, try shopping for new tires during a time when the dealers are
looking to sell off old stock. This will give you brand new tires at a great price so you can start your
next adventure with fresh tires that will hold you up and offer you a quality tread that only new tires
can give.

Make sure your insurance is valid and up to date

Insurance is a must-have if you want to hit the road, so make sure that your policy is up to date and it
has all of the coverage that you are hoping for. Motorcycle insurance is critical to check annually, just
like traditional car or home insurance. You’ll be able to know that you’ve crossed your “t”s and dotted your “i”s properly so that you are ready to open the throttle and let’er rip. If you need to go over your insurance policy with your agent, this is a great time, plus you can discuss any changes or modifications to be sure your bike is fully covered.

Safety should be a first priority when it comes to your motorcycle, whether you are looking at
insurance needs, tire replacement, a system check or any combination of these options. Putting it
together equips you with the right tools for a quality summer season and you’ll have a solid vehicle to depend on in order to make that season as enjoyable as possible.

Contact Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency to review your motorcycle insurance and be sure that your
bike, but more importantly YOU are covered while you are out on the Louisiana roads, or beyond!

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