Condo Insurance

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What is Condominium Insurance?
  • Condo Insurance covers loss to your condo resulting from fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, collapse, vandalism, burglary, theft, and more. It also covers your personal contents, appliances, fixtures, unit interiors, alterations, and improvements. (See below for additional coverage).
  • Most condominium associations insure the building structure and common areas, but each unit’s interior construction is the responsibility of the condo owner. Example: A fire spreads to several condo units causing smoke and fire damage to your unit; you would be responsible for the interior repairs, including sheetrock, flooring, cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc. including your contents as well.
What Does the Condominium Association Cover?
  • The building structure all the way to your interior paint.
  • The condo association liability will cover all common areas, including stairwells, hallways, walkways, parking lots, pool areas, and grounds. Your policy will act as a backup if condo association’s liability becomes exhausted due to the extent of the liability loss. Example: A fatality or serious accident goes over condo limit. See below for explanation of “loss assessment coverage”.
  • We highly advise you to get a copy of your condo association’s master policy, to check, verify, and compare with any other exposure of which you may not be aware. Some master policies differ from one condo association to another. Please call (504) 441-RATE(7283) for content replacement costs for both apartments and condos. Operators are standing by. Condo Insurance is the best choice for you.
How Much Condominium Coverage Do I Need?
  • We will work closely with you to determine replacement cost coverage sufficient to remodel your entire interior, as well as what it would take to replace the number of rooms containing contents assuming a total loss occurs.
  • Please keep in mind that your bank or mortgagee will require approximate loan balance coverage. We will work towards finding a happy medium for all parties without going over or under the required interior structural coverage.
  • Refer to replacement cost estimators below to determine as closely as possible your content replacement. This does not include the interior walls, fixtures, floors, or cabinets.
More About Condo Insurance Coverages
  • Contents are covered on and off premises so if you are out of town on vacation or on a business trip, your personal belongings, if lost, stolen, or destroyed, such as cameras, video recorders, luggage, or laptop are included under extended coverage up to 10% of total content.
  • Extended Contents Coverage also includes a family member who may be residing off premises with a home computer and other personal belongings at the college dormitory.
  • Premises Guest Liability will protect you from lawsuits for slips or falls that are caused by your negligence. This liability also extends coverage off premises to include all household members if they cause an accidental injury to anyone. Example: Your son is on the softball team. While at the playground, he throws the bat, accidentally hitting another player; your $100,000 or $300,000 liability limit will protect you.
  • As a result of a major lawsuit caused by an on-premises fatality, homicide, sexual assault, or other serious incident that occurs on the condo’s property, but not necessarily your condo location, you can be named as one of the plaintiffs. At this point, your Loss Assessment Coverage would kick in giving you additional money up to $100,000 should the awarded amount exceed the condo building’s coverage limits.
  • $1,000 or more (see availability) of medical coverage is provided for any guest that is accidentally injured on the premises. A cut, a burn, a fall, anywhere on the premises is covered for a guest or visitor. More accidents occur at home than anywhere else. Accidents will happen.
  • Other Special Limits of Liability include: $1,500 for loss due to theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious stones, and another $1,500 towards loss of securities, deeds, accounts, evidence of debt, and important papers such as letters of credit, and the cost to replace them.
  • Policy also includes Automatic Coverage on firearms, watercraft, trailers, fishing equipment, outboard engines, monies, bank notes, bullion, and coins.
  • Additional Living Expenses are covered if your home or apartment is made uninhabitable by any covered peril. Also pays for increase in your living expenses during your displacement due to mandatory evacuation.
Record Worth Keeping

Keep good records of all your personal belongings with photos or video tapes, owner’s manuals, sales and credit card receipts, and cancelled checks. Good records will accelerate your claim handling. In anticipation of a total loss, you should keep additional records off site.

Products Associated with Condominium Insurance
  • Discounts available on package Auto/Condo/Flood.
  • Mortgage Life – low cost coverage that makes it very affordable to pay off your mortgage in the event of death, disability, unemployment, or critical illness.
  • Personal Umbrella for up to $5,000,000.
  • Personal Disaster Policy.
  • Boat, RV, and Motorcycle Discounts.
  • In-Home-Business Coverage.

Additional information on above products is available on our website.

Required Documents
  • Alarm System Certificate if you received discount.
  • Proof of gated community with security (picture).
  • Pictures of front and back of building.
  • Proof of prior coverage, if applicable.
  • Current Appraisal.
  • Lien holder requirements and mortgage clause.
  • Exact closing date for binder to start.