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General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance QuoteWhat Is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability provides coverage that protects businesses against liability, claims for bodily injury, and property damage. Coverage usually applies to claims involving accidents on your business premises or at a customer location. It also covers claims that are caused from your business operation, the products and services that you make or do, and communications or advertisements that your business broadcasts (libel and slander). Know more about General Liability Insurance.

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How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Most businesses that operate at a fixed location where customers are constantly visiting, such as retail stores, main street vendors, hospitals, business offices, playgrounds, schools, or wherever the public can possibly be exposed to slip-and-fall accidents or injuries should consider a minimum of $500,000 or more to protect the assets of their business, just in case a customer is injured and a lawsuit arises.

Consult your commercial agent for possible suggestions as to the exposures that your particular business may be confronted with to determine whether you need $100,000 or as much as $5,000,000. Each situation is different, for example: A supermarket spill in an aisle is more likely to cause injury than someone visiting dry cleaners.

Leases and rental agreements are all going to require general liability as part of your occupancy. Limit of General Liability will be specified in the agreement.

Industries such as contractors or service vendors are required to carry general liability limits to meet job site requirements to meet customers’ expectations.

For more information and rates contact our Commercial Department directly at (504) 441-RATE (7283) or click to Request a Quote!

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