Report Your Claim

Dan Burghardt Insurance is open to assist you. For the fastest claim service, however, please contact your insurance company at the number below, or click the name, if underlined, to go directly to their Claims Website. We appreciate your patience and patronage during this difficult time.

If your company is not listed below you can report your claim to us using our Online Claim Reporting Form below the company listings and we will forward your claim as soon as power is restored.

Even though reporting your claim directly provides the quickest way to process your claim, Dan Burghardt Insurance is still here to assist you in any way possible. To provide the best service possible we ask that you complete our Online Claim Reporting Form. after reporting your claim directly to your company.

Steps to Take After Your Loss

Here are some initial steps you should take if your home or auto has been damaged, or there is a loss to your personal property.

  • Inspect the damage and determine if there is a safety risk.
  • If safe, take reasonable steps to have repairs made to protect your property from further damage. Boarding up broken windows, weatherproofing openings in the walls or roof, removing water saturated carpet, when possible, may significantly reduce the damages.
  • Describe the damages. What is damaged? How many rooms are affected?
    Take photos or video of all areas and personal possessions that were damaged. DO NOT DISCARD ANY ITEMS.
  • Contact an emergency service company to extract any water and dry the property. Check local directory for a list of companies.
  • Keep accurate records and receipts for your emergency repair expenditures.
  • Locate and have on hand all, or as many as possible, of your records related to your possessions, such as titles, purchase receipts, blueprints, receipts for emergency services after the loss, etc.
  • Report your claim directly to your insurance company, as listed below, as soon as possible.
  • Your insurance company will provide you with instructions on how to proceed and exactly what documentation and records they will need.
  • Notify Dan Burghardt Insurance at (504) 441-7283 or through the Online Claim Reporting Form as soon as you are able so we may track your claim and provide any further assistance you may require.
AIG (888) 244-6163
Braishfield Associates, Inc. (888) 335-6616
Catlin Group US
(713) 626-7356
Century Surety Insurance Company (800) 878-7389
Colony Insurance Company (800) 926-1175
Fidelity National (800) 725-9472
First Premium Insurance Group
For faster claims handling First Premium recommends that you submit your claim directly with the insurance company shown on your policy. Companies represented by First Premium include:

  • Braishfield Associates, Inc.
  • Catlin Group US
  • Century Surety Insurance Co.
  • La. Citizens Property Insurance Corp.
  • Lexington
  • Markel Specialty
  • Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company
  • Tower Insurance Co.
  • Tower Insurance Co. – Workers’ Comp.
  • Western World Insurance Group

If you are unsure of where to locate this information or need further assistance, please contact First Premium at the number shown to the right or us at (504) 441-7283.

(800) 256-2171
Gen Star (404) 239-6777
Imperial Fire & Casualty Ins. Co. (800) 960-7777
(337) 942.5697 Fax
La. Citizens Insurance Co.
Claims FAQ
(800) 274-9830
Lexington Insurance Co.
Markel Specialty
New Claims Email:
Open Claims Email:
(800) 362-7535
Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company
(480) 306-8300
(480) 306-8301 Fax
N-Surance Outlets
For more information, check your policy for the contact information of the Underwriting Company handling your coverage.
(800) 366-1450
(770) 971-9975
(770) 971-7608 Fax
Progressive (800) 876-5581
RLI Insurance (800) 444-0406
Southern General Agency (866) 811-3152
Tower Insurance Company
New Claim Email:
Claims Inquiry Email:

Hurricane Awareness and Claims Procedures

(888) 856-5522
(888) 291-6262 Fax
Tower Insurance Company – Workers’ Comp
(888) 856-5522
Western World Insurance Group
(888) 847-8600
(202) 847-8600
(201) 847-7701 Fax

Online Claim Form

If your insurance company is not listed above, use this form to report your claim to Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency and we will forward your claim to the company as soon as possible.

To provide you with the best service possible, if you have the time, we ask that you complete this form even if you have also reported your claim directly. Simply provide your name, the best phone number to reach you, and the type of claim made (fire, flood, wind, accident, etc.) so we can follow-up and make sure you receive the high level of service you deserve. And, of course, you can contact us anytime at (504) 441-7283 with your claims questions or concerns.