Roadside Assistance Insurance

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Who is Nation Safe Drivers Roadside Assistance?

Nation Safe Driver, Emergency Tow and Road Service has been in business for over 30 years offering 24-hour, quick response service and access to over 45,000 service vehicles in the national network. Know more about Roadside Assistance Coverage Quote.

Why is Nation Safe Motor Club different?
  • Dan Burghardt Insurance can add this important coverage to any vehicle regardless of year, make, or model, and without having to list “named drivers” for coverage to be effective. Other motor clubs require “named driver” coverage, which severely limits claim payment if someone other than a “named driver” is driving your vehicle.
  • Other motor clubs restrict age of vehicle and age of driver, making it less attractive to a majority of people who really want and need this coverage.
  • Nation Safe Motor Club covers the vehicles first; not the driver.
Is Roadside Assistance included on my auto policy?
  • If your vehicle is no longer covered for collision or comprehensive, and your auto carrier will not include towing, rental and roadside assistance without it, let us add a Nation Safe Motor Club policy to your current liability insurance or let a Dan Burghardt Auto Specialist quote you from more than 15 auto carriers where we can include a Nation Safe Motor Club policy for less than what you’re currently paying for just liability.
  • So if you’re driving around without towing, rental, and roadside assistance because your auto insurance deleted it, or your vehicle doesn’t require full coverage any longer, with Nation Safe you can have peace of mind at affordable rates.
Highlights Of The Plan
  • Lost keys or Locked Out of Your Car: If your ignition key is lost, broken, or accidentally locked inside your car, a service driver will open door with manufacturer approved tools or provide a locksmith.
  • Emergency Tow & Road Service: If you are involved in an accident or your car has a breakdown at home or on the road, save time and money with freedom of choice; call any garage or service station for help and you will be reimbursed by Nation Safe Drivers. (One tow per incident).
  • Auto Rental Reimbursement: If repairs to your car are necessary because of an accident with another vehicle or fall under warranty requiring more than one day to complete, Nation Safe Drivers will reimburse you for the cost of renting a car to use during the repair period.
  • Flat Tire: A service driver will change your spare or drive you to the nearest tire store for repairs.
  • Out of Gas: A service driver will bring gas to get you on your way.
  • Dead Battery: A service driver will jump-start your car after cleaning off battery cables and perform minor adjustments to your alternators, starters, etc. while on the road.
  • Emergency Travel: You will be reimbursed for cost of lodging and meals while your car is being repaired for damages resulting from a traffic accident while 250 miles or more from home.
  • Towing: Your vehicle will be towed as a result of an accident, breakdown, or disablement up to the limits of the program you choose.
  • Custom Trip Coverage: At no charge Nation Safe will provide you with a map and travel route to any destination of your choice.
  • Travel Arrangements: Your personal Nation Travel Agent will assist you in planning your domestic or international travel, and make your reservations at the lowest possible cost. Book your flights through Nation Travel Agency and receive up to $50 off. Nation Travel Agency can handle all aspects of your trip, including reservations, tickets for airlines and cruise ships, car rentals, tours, and international driving permits. Call 1-800-847-2744. (Some restrictions may apply).
  • Theft and Hit & Run Protection: Your Nation Safe Drivers decal offers a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for hit-and-run damage to your car, as well as anyone stealing your car.

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