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Special Event Insurance

Special Events Insurance QuoteWhat is Special Event Insurance?

  • In today’s litigious environment, especially involving a combination of alcoholic beverages, drinking, dancing, carnival rides, and sport activities for a number of indoor and outdoor special events, event organizers and their hosts face high potential liability suits from spectators, participants, contractors, and customers. Special Event insurance coverage is a must.
  • Event insurance programs provide liability coverage, liquor and legal defense for claims of negligence brought on for the party holding the event and the organizers who were hired to oversee it.

Who needs it?

  • All groups, bands, clubs, organizations, individuals, religious entities, party planners, event organizers, and companies that host activities that are not included in their General Liability Policy, and are required by the facility, auditorium, park, city or state authorities.
  • Additional examples for the need of Special Event Insurance: Conventions, tradeshows, festivals, campgrounds, concerts, parades, carnivals, exhibitions, fund raisers, retirement parties, showers, graduations, bar-mitzvahs, haunted houses, or other events of short duration usually lasting ten days or less.

How can Dan Burghardt help?

  • We have available a large range of insurance products to meet the demanding needs of events, people at events, and people who organize events. This includes event cancellation insurance, event liability insurance, and event all risk insurance. We also offer single event, multiple event, and annual events.
  • We combine experience and expertise with A+ Rated Companies and deliver personal exceptional service. We can accept large or small events with a turnover budget of $1,000 to $10,000,000.
  • We can also include Employer’s and Public Liability Coverage for events, either as part of an event or as a stand-alone coverage on a short period or annual basis.

Below is a short list of other available products:

  • Insurance for an exhibition stand;
  • Annual liability insurance for event organizers;
  • Cancellation or disruption insurance for an event;
  • Crisis management insurance;
  • Liability and/or Professional Indemnity for event organizers;
  • Bonds, including Performance, Surety, Fidelity Bonds, etc.;
  • Airline Failure Insurance;
  • Travel Insurance; and
  • Liability Insurance for an event.

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