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Insurance can sometimes seem like an unnecessarily complicated and confusing product to many people. That’s why Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency is excited to be able to provide the extensive information contained in this website and is always eager to add anything we think may increase your knowledge and assist you in such an important purchase decision.

Below is a simple explanation of the Terms and Conditions we think you should be aware of as you browse these pages and take advantage of the helpful content and range of services offered. This explanation has been purposely kept free of lots of legal jargon to encourage clear understanding. If you have any further questions, or ideas about how we can make it better, please email us or give us a call at (504) 285-6097. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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The content on this website is general information and summaries of coverage available. Actual insurance policies containing these coverages contain many exclusions and limitations. You must always consult the actual language of your policy as issued to you for the exact coverage provided and the extent thereof. The information in this website is subject to change at anytime without prior notice. We will not be held responsible for any detrimental reliance you place on this website or its contents, and any use of this website shall be on an “as is” basis and entirely at your own risk.

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