Protect your business with general liability insurance

Protect your business with general liability insuranceYour business is constantly evolving and growing into something better each day.  While this is fantastic without a doubt, it also means that you have to also make sure that your protection grows with you to keep you and your business safe from financial ruin.

One of those staples is going to be your business general liability insurance.

What is business general liability?

At its core, business general liability insurance is protection for your company or products if any kind of damage is caused that is responsibility of your company and/or your products during regular operations within your business.  There are various policies with different coverage options and amounts under the “general liability” umbrella, so each policy tends to be unique to your company.

What does it cover?

The definition above was general, which is the point, so let’s take a look at what, exactly business general liability insurance can cover depending on which policy you have.  Here are some of the common coverage options you can find.

Bodily harm

If a customer is hurt during one of your business’ operations, then they could try to sue you for their injuries and medical costs that are associated with those.  With liability in place, this policy will protect you from that if someone does try to sue your company for bodily harm.

Property damage

If someone that works for your company damages the customer’s property while doing a job – it happens even with the best professionals – then business general liability can help protect your company and its assets if that customer tries to sue you for those damages that are caused.  It will also help cover the legal fees that are associated with it.

Advertising copyright issues

Sometimes advertising can create all sorts of problems for businesses, especially when it comes to tricky concepts such as copyright infringement.  There are some liability policies that will protect your company in court if these copyright issues become a legal problem down the road.

Why it’s important

It’s common to think “I wouldn’t let any of this happen, so I don’t need the coverage”.  The reality is, every business owner thinks that, and these kinds of issues can happen to the best, most careful business owners out there.  So, when you’ve got a business to protect, you should seriously consider business general liability insurance as the starting point to your insurance policy.  Even if it’s just for the satisfaction of knowing that you’re covered in a worst-case scenario, it’s worthwhile in the long run.

Running a business is exciting, and when you’ve got the proper insurance policies in place, you can dedicate more time to the making money and less time to the nuts and bolts that could be waiting for you behind the scenes, no matter how careful you are.  Business general liability insurance is a great starting point to help protect you and your investment in your business in the worst-case court-based scenario.

This is a great conversation to have with your insurance agent. Contact Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency to discuss your business workings and what risks are out there and determine the best insurance policies, such as general liability, that are necessary for your company.

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