Top 5 Tips for Teen Drivers to Consider

Getting your license is exciting and a brand-new start to your ‘adult’ life because it can give you freedom.  But, with the responsibility of a license comes additional responsibilities. When you start getting behind that wheel, you will want to consider a few tips to make sure that it stays as a positive experience instead of one that can result in a restriction or even your license getting revoked.  

Here are the top 5 tips for teen drivers to remember

Being a better driver has its benefits

Remember that your car insurance premiums will go down in price the better you drive. Maybe you took one look at your insurance premiums and thought “yikes!” Well, you aren’t alone.  But remember, you will find that rates go down over time, with experience. Keep your record clean and the better your rates are going to be as a result!

Get permission to drive someone else’s car

If you are driving your buddy’s car, but it belongs to his parents, you need to make sure that you have their permission to drive it.  Since your friend is not the primary driver, he or she doesn’t have permission to give you the permission to drive it. Never drive a car that isn’t yours without that person’s permission.

Get Insurance for New DriversDon’t drive without insurance

Insurance is required in Louisiana, so even though the rates are expensive at first and you don’t want to pay them, never take the risk of driving without insurance.  Your car can get impounded, you can get fined, and even charged if you choose to take this route. Always have proof of insurance and your license on you when you get in a car.

Take proper precautions if involved in an accident

Getting in an accident is scary, especially if you were at fault.  The thing is, there are proper steps to take. Never, ever take off, as this is considered a hit and run.  You need to stay on the scene and get the proper information from the person that you hit or the person that hit you.  Make sure you don’t move your car (or take extra pictures if this is not possible), call the police, get the information from the other driver in terms of personal and insurance-related contact information and then make sure that you notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident happens. Do your best to remain calm, remember all of the details and hey, don’t forget to call your parents to help remind you of these steps!

Understand what your insurance covers

There are different kinds of insurance, especially through additional coverages.  You should know exactly what you have and what it means so that you know where you stand in your protection in case of an accident or damage to your car or yourself.

Being a driver means that you have extra responsibilities and you should always take these seriously to make sure that driving is always a safe and positive experience.  Getting in an accident is the worst-case scenario, but if it happens, being prepared can make a huge difference to how everything plays out in the end.

Should you have any questions about getting coverage for the first time, reviewing your coverage for additional options, feel free to contact Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency with any questions about your auto insurance needs. We have your best interest in mind and want to be sure you feel safe in your car and start off your ‘adulting’ experience on the right course.

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