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Contact Burghardt Insurance Agency with your work comp questions or claimsIn the workplace, keeping workers as safe as possible is critical to the survival of your company and, of course, the safety and wellness of your workers.  That being said, accidents do happen, which is where workers’ compensation comes into play.  There’s a lot to know about it, but the good news is that it is all geared towards keeping everyone cared for and protected.

What it covers

Workers’ compensation covers injuries or accidents on the job that cause an employee to seek medical attention.  This compensation comes into play because the employee was injured on the job on company property doing company tasks.  So, the employee may have coverage that comes from the protection that the company has in place. (Keep in mind that work comp requirements may vary from state to state and depending upon various things, see work comp requirements here and more below)

What it entitles the injured person to having

There’s a bit that workers’ compensation entitles the employee to having including medical expenses that were a direct result of the accident such as medical and rehabilitation bills.  In the event that the injury forces the employee to take up a different position within the company (due to permanent damage), the company is obligated to give that employee a new position.  Similarly, if the employee is unable to return to work, the company must pay disability benefits for the employee and their dependents.  If the employee dies as a result of the accident, this covers death benefits including funeral expenses that will be made payable to the employee’s dependents or parents.

Why it’s important

Workers’ compensation is important for the protection of a company as well as all of their employees.  This plan is in place to make sure that everyone stays safe and that financials are all covered by these plans that are already in place.

Since accidents and their associated costs are always tricky to deal with in terms of employers and financial payouts, this kind of plan is in place to make the payouts and the amounts a matter of regulation.  It takes the potential for friction out of the equation and makes sure that both parties are properly protected at the same time. everything is comfortable and dependable when the employee returns back to work after the accident.

Who needs it?

For all companies within Louisiana, workers’ compensation is required for anyone with employees.  It’s required to make sure that everyone is protected in case of an accident.  This is the case for both public and private businesses alike.  Anyone who receives money for services (whether it’s part- or full-time employment) is considered to be an employee. However, there are exemptions and companies may choose to be excluded based on certain criteria so again it is important to follow the work comp rules, requirements and laws in your state.

Workers’ compensation protects the company, it protects the employees and their costs, and it can often protect the relationship between employer and employee, which is critical to making sure that everything is comfortable and dependable when and if the employee gets injured at the workplace.

Contact Burghardt Insurance Agency to see if your company is required to have work comp insurance and better yet, how to best protect your business assets in case an employee gets injured at work. Call us at (504) 608-3950 or fill out our work comp quote form here.

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