Knowledge is power, and when it comes to insurance, you’ll want to make sure that you know what you’ve got available to you so that you can make the right choice when putting your car on the road and potentially taking care of any damages that may come as a result of it.  Educate yourself on the legalities and options that you can consider for your own protection in your state.

Louisiana requirements

Apply for auto insurance

First, there are minimums that you absolutely need to have in order to put your car on the road, and this is what is call liability insurance.  This bare minimum coverage is going to provide coverage up to 15,000 for injury to one person or 30,000 to more than one person in an accident. It will also cover up to 25,000 of damage to the other person’s car or property.

This coverage will be for anyone who is driving your car with your permission, and it is intended to benefit that other person in a car accident.

The additional options

Other than the basic legal insurance that every driver must have in Louisiana, you can consider some additional optional coverage that can help give you peace of mind and extra protection in case of an accident.  Let’s take a look at some of the more popular options out there.

Medical payments coverage

Medical coverage, as the name suggests, can cover your medical costs as a result of the accident (regardless who is at fault).  It can even cover funeral costs for you and/or anyone else in the vehicle during the accident.

Uninsured driver coverage

If you are in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance or is underinsured, this coverage will cover the damages to your vehicle as well as some portion of the medical costs, too.  

Comprehensive coverage

This coverage will help protect you financially if your car is damaged by a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism.  This is often dropped from older cars as they age, since the amount is related to the price and depreciation of the car itself.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage will help protect you from damages to your own vehicle as well as medical expenses that may pop up as a result of an accident.  Like the above option, this tends to get dropped from older cars due to the depreciation from the price.

Towing charge

Sometimes a tow and the maintenance costs that go with it can get expensive.  In this case, this can help cover the costly expenses that offer you comfort when you need to call in the professionals to tow you into a shop.

Whether you want to rely on the basic legal coverage or consider a few additional options to add onto your car insurance policy, these most popular options will help steer you in the right direction for your own personal interests and options when shopping around for quality car insurance. Of course, having a personal relationship with your insurance agent and/or using one that you know and trust helps in that they can ensure that you have the right coverage for your situation. Contact Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency with any questions you may have about your auto insurance needs.

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