Hello friends and neighbors,

As your local independent insurance agent, I wanted to take a moment to talk about something important to all of us — insurance and why you should choose an independent agent for your insurance needs. When it comes to buying insurance, there are generally three ways you can go about it: you can choose a captive agent, use telephone or internet representatives, or work with a professional independent agent like us at Dan Burghardt Insurance. But why does it matter? Let’s dive into it.

What sets independent agents apart, especially us here at Dan Burghardt Insurance, is our sense of community. We see you as a neighbor, not just a policy number. We are deeply rooted in the Greater New Orleans (GNO) area and have been serving you for over four decades, offering personalized support and service.

We believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients. We get to know you, understand your unique situations, and address your questions personally. And, most importantly, we’re able to suggest the best coverage options that meet your needs because we know you. Unlike others, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our independent status also affords us the ability to offer you choices. We represent several companies, not just one, which means we can find an insurance policy tailored to your specific needs. We don’t believe in fitting square pegs into round holes — we find the right company and policy for you because we know that different people and different situations need different kinds of insurance.

When you contrast this with captive agents or telephone/internet representatives, you begin to see the advantages of choosing an independent agent. Captive agents typically offer you cover from one insurance company and often try to make your needs fit within their company’s policy. They are unable to advise you on options available through other companies.

Telephone/internet representatives are generally the same, but with the added disadvantage of not being part of your community. They aren’t local, and they can’t provide the kind of personal support or service we pride ourselves on at Dan Burghardt Insurance.

So, for the best possible service, choose an independent agent who is a member of your community. We’re not just selling insurance policies; we’re helping our friends and neighbors manage their risks and live with peace of mind. When you need someone on your side with a claim issue, underwriting concern, billing question, we’re here to step in and represent your interest because we work for you, not the insurance company.  This is what we’ve been doing at Dan Burghardt Insurance for more than 40 successful years.

Our agency represents several quality insurance companies that offer different policies, different pricing structures, and optional endorsements, all to provide you with choices based on your needs. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you’re adequately protected with a policy that fits your life.

Insurance is about more than paying premiums — it’s about knowing you’re covered when you need it most. And for that, you need someone who knows you, who understands your needs, and who can offer you the best options.

I hope you’ll consider Dan Burghardt Insurance for your insurance needs. Feel free to explore our extensive website (dbiagency.com) full of information, product knowledge, and advice. Or better yet, drop by our office. We’re always ready to sit down with you, get to know you, and help you find the best coverage for your individual needs. After all, that’s what neighbors do.

Stay safe, Dan Burghardt

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